Hair Spa

How Frequent You Should Do a Hair Spa

Should I Have Hair Spa Once a Week?

Do you like hair spa therapy at salon? after doing hair spa treatment, you will be de-stress and can smile again. Because the therapist gives you scalp massage. You can smell fragrance from your hair. It is shiny and super healthy.

Are you addicted by treatments at salon? Maybe you ask yourself, should I have hair spa treatment once a week? Is it good for my hair? Yes, maybe you are afraid of having oily hair if you have too much hair spa treatment.

Hair Spa
Hair Spa

Read this before going to a hair spa salon.

  1. Hair Condition

What is your hair condition? If you have a normal and healthy hair, you can go to a hair spa salon once a month then play Because your hair is already healthy.

If you want to be relax, ask for hands and legs massage service, instead of hair spa. Or maybe you can try gold facial. Too much hair spa cream will makes your hair oily!

  1. Hair problem

What is your hair problem? Basically, there are 3 kinds of hair problem: dandruff, oilyness, and dryness. The hair spa treatment for each hair problem is different.

  1. Dandruff

If you have dandruff, your hair spa therapy will choose tea tree oil shampoo. Because it removes itchy dandruff. Your scalp will be massaged and cleaned by her. You will have a clean and healthy scalp and hair.

Hair Spa
Hair Spa

You can have hair spa therapy for dandruff at least once a month. Do not forge to use dandruff-free shampoo while you are washing your hair at home.

  1. Oily

Oily scalp and hair can reduce your confidence. Your hair looks dirtier because of naughty oil. You can wash your hair every other day with organic shampoo. Do not wash your hair everyday, because it can makes your scalp produces oil again.

For oily hair, you need a hair spa therapy at salon once a week. Do not do it too frequent, because too much hair spa cream can make your hair more oily.

  1. c. Dry and damaged hair

Do you have split ends and dry hair? Damaged hair happens because of wrong colouring process or sun light. But do not worry, you can cure your damaged hair with hair spa treatment.

Hair Spa
Hair Spa

The therapist will choose hair spa products for dry and damaged hair. No more split ends and frizzy hair. You can have super healthy and shiny hair after doing hair spa. If you do this regulary.

For dry hair, you can have hair spa therapy frequently. This treatment can be done twice a months, or even once a week, if you have spare time.

Do not forget to apply conditioner after wash your hair. You can spray moisturizer whenever you feel dryness at your hair.

If you have oily hair, you can have hair spa therapy rarely. Too much hair spa cream makes your hair too greasy. But for dry hair, you can do this therapy once a week. You will have a perfect, shiny, and healthy hair.