Hair Spa for Oily Hair

Benefits of Hair Spa for Oily Hair

Perfect Hair Spa Treatment for Oily Hair

Do you hate your oily hair? Having oily hair makes your hair looks dirtier and greasier. You feel difficult to create hairstyle, because your hair is too oily. Your hat and helmet will absorb the oil and they will be dirty. The worst effect of having oily hair is you will get acne at scalp because it is too dirty and oily.

Hair Spa for Oily Hair
Hair Spa for Oily Hair

Having oily hair does not mean that you have to avoid hair spa therapy. Because hair spa is a great therapy for every kind of hair.

There are benefits of hair spa for oily hair:

  1. Healthy hair

Hair spa cream is moisturing your hair. Your damaged hair will be healthy and shiny. But what about oily hair?

Hair spa therapy is good for oily hair and reduce the oil at scalp, if you choose the right kind of cream. Do not choose hair spa cream which contains coconut oil or avocado extract. Because it will make your hair too oily.

You will get shiny and healthy hair after hair spa therapy if you choose hair spa cream for oily hair. Ask your hair spa therapist before the treatment.

  1. Relaxing

Massage process at your scalp and shoulder makes you relax and happy. This massage makes blood circulation at scalp works better.

  1. Cleaning

Having oily hair makes your hair dirty easily. When you have hair spa therapy, the therapist will clean your scalp and hair carefully.

Hair Spa for Oily Hair
Hair Spa for Oily Hair

These are tricks of having hair spa therapy for oily hair:

  1. Tea tree oil

Choose hair spa cream which contains tea tree oil. This kind of cream does not make your hair too oily. It gives nutrients into your scalp and hair and you will get shiny hair.

If you do hair spa therapy at home, you can make a special mixture of oil. Take two spoonful of tea tree oil and olive oil, give some drops of vitamin E. Mix them and apply into your hair and scalp. After hair massaging, you will feel relax and happy.

  1. Lemon

Lemon helps you to reduce oil at scalp and hair. Ask your hair spa therapist for hair spa cream that contains lemon extract. You will have healthy hair after hair spa therapy without worrying of your oily hair.

  1. Avoid sillicone

Do not buy hair spa products that contains sillicone. It will makes your hair too oily. Sillicone is the best treatment for dry and damaged hair, not for oily hair.

before and after Hair Spa for Oily Hair
before and after Hair Spa for Oily Hair

Before doing hair spa therapy at salon, ask the therapist carefully. So she will take the best hair spa cream for you. Select a sillicone free hair spa cream and get a super healthy hair.

You can not avoid hair spa therapy when you have oily hair. Hair spa therapist will clean your hair and scalp carefully. Do you like clean and healthy hair?

Choose hair spa cream for oily hair, such as cream that cointains tea tree oil or lemon extract. Get a wonderful hair with hair spa and enjoy playing poker at

Hair Spa Therapy for Dry Hair

Easy Steps of DIY Hair Spa Therapy for Dry Hair

Get Rid of Dry Hair with DIY Hair Spa

Do you choose a big hat or scarf to cover your hair? Because your dry and frizzy hair makes you embarassed. Dry hair is a nightmare for women. Your split ends reduces the beauty of your hair.

Don’t worry, because your dry hair can be cured with hair spa treatment. You can call the therapist and do the hair spa treatment once or twice in a month. As the result, you will have healthy and glowing hair. If you do this regularly. Another benefit of hair spa is you can release stress from playing dadu online at  because of scalp and shoulder massaging.

Hair Spa Therapy for Dry Hair
Hair Spa Therapy for Dry Hair

If you do not have much time to go to salon, you can do hair spa therapy at home. As long as you have hair spa cream, egg, virgin coconut oil, and towel. It is easy very much to do this treatment. You can save your time and also your money by doing hair spa therapy at home.

This is the step by step of DIY hair spa for dry hair:

  1. Clean your hair

Before applying hair spa cream or oil, clean your hair carefully. You can choose shampoo for dry hair that makes it clear without frizziness.

Use warm water to wash your hair. Rmember, it should be warm, not hot. Warm water can open the scalp’s pore and clean it clearly.

  1. Massaging

Massaging is the process of hair spa that makes you feel relax. You can massage your own scalp with almond oil or virgin coconut oil. Do you want extra happiness? Ask your husband to massage your scalp and shoulder slowly.

Hair Spa Therapy for Dry Hair
Hair Spa Therapy for Dry Hair
  1. Moisturizing

After massaging process, moisture your hair with hair spa cream. You can choose hair spa cream for dry hair, read the label carefully.

If you do not have hair spa cream, do not worry. You can make your own mixture of moisturizer. There are two version of mixture:

  1. With egg

If you have short hair, you will only need an egg. Mix it with a cup of plain yoghurt, soapnut powder, and also neem powder. You can use mixer to get a perfect blending of mixture.

  1. Almond oil

Almond oil moisture your hair and cure the split ends. You can mix almond oil with another essential oil such as virgin coconut oil. If you have insomnia, you can add lavender oil to release stress and makes you sleep easily.

Take this mixture and apply to your scalp and hair. Do not forget to apply it to your hair ends.

Hair Spa Therapy for Dry Hair
Hair Spa Therapy for Dry Hair
  1. Steaming process

If you do not have steaming machine, use a warm towel. You can heat it by dipping on the warm water. Cover your head and wait at least 15 minutes.

  1. Wash your hair again

Wash your hair with cold water carefully. If you apply egg mixture, wash your hair two or three times to avoid the egg smell.

Hair spa therapy makes your dry hair healthy and shiny. You can avoid split ends by hair spa therapy, and it can be done at home.

Perfect Hair Spa

5 Perfect Points for Best Perfect Hair Spa!

Make Your Day Perfect in a Perfect hair Spa!

Hair spa is a therapy that makes you relax. It removes stress and makes your hair healthy. Many women like to do hair spa treatment at salon, as their me time. Because their scalp will be massaged and the hair will be applied by nourished moisturizer.

Where do you do hair spa therapy? Maybe you like to do it at popular salon in the city Mall. But you really tired of waiting because there are many customers inside playing at

When you want to do hair spa at home, you can not massage your scalp as well as hair spa therapist. If you are hair spa addict, try to go to a new salon for a new experience.

Perfect Hair Spa
Perfect Hair Spa

Do you want to seek for perfect hair spa salon? Then you have to read this list:

  1. Location

One benefit of hair spa therapy is to remove stress. But you can be more stress if the salon’s location is too far from your home or office. Because you have to face the traffic for hours.

Try to do hair spa therapy near your house or salon. You can save your money for paying taxi. If there is no salon near your house (or office), call your favorite salon. Ask them if they can do hair spa treatment at your home. So you can be massaged by your lovely therapist.

  1. Clean

When you go to a new salon at the first time, look at the floor. Is there any hair or garbage? A good hair spa salon should clean from any junk. How can you trust their therapist to wash your hair if they can not keep their own sanity?

  1. Female only

Do you want more privacy? Choose a female only salon. Their therapist are female and they reject male customer.

You will feel more convenient and safe because no man’s can seek your bare shoulder.

  1. Therapist

Choose a salon which have capable therapist. A hair spa salon with newbie therapist maybe gives you lower price. But if you want to have a pefect hair spa therapy, choose a skillful therapist.

You can ask your friend to know the best hair spa therapist at clean salon.

Perfect Hair Spa
Perfect Hair Spa
  1. Facilities

Before going to a salon, call it first, so you can know what kind of facilities that they have. Do their have cold wind hair dryer instead of usual hair dryer? What kind of steam machine that they have? Or maybe they will give free serum if you do another treatment such as manicure or facial.

If you are too shy to ask, seek the hair spa salon’s website or fanpage. Usually they tell the facilities in the advertisement.

Having hair spa therapy makes you feel happy and relax. You will be de-stress and have a healthy hair.

Before going to a hair spa salon, you have to select carefully. Look at the sanity, facilities, and the therapist’s experience. So, you will have a perfect hair spa therapy without worrying of careless therapist.

Salon for Men

Hair Spa Salon for Men

Do you Need Hair Spa? Choose this Salon for You, Dude!

As a metrosexual man, having hair spa therapy at salon is a must. After doing hair spa, you will stress-free and feel relax. Hair spa is really good for your hair and scalp. Because this therapy helps you to grow new hair and you will not be afraid of hair loss. The therapist will give scalp and shoulder massage that release your stress.

Hair spa treatment makes your hair shiny and healthy. Your scalp and hair will be washed carefully by the therapist. You can do hair spa therapy at least once a month.

Salon for Men
Salon for Men

How to choose a suitable hair spa salon for men? You can check in this article.

  1. Therapist

Is there any hair spa salon which give a promotion? It offers cheap price of hair spa therapy because their therapists are newbie. Or they are still learning in a salon academy.

If you want a perfect hair spa therapy, do not take this offer. Choose an experienced therapist for a relaxing hair spa treatment.

  1. Facilities

Before going tp hair spa salon, seek for its facilities first. Ask by phone or search on its website or fanpage . Or maybe you check its instagram account.

Do they have special treatment for men? Maybe after doing hair spa therapy, you can cut your hair and or do facial treatment. Or they can shave your beard and give back, shoulder, and hands massage.

If you have dry hair, ask them of they have cold wind hair dryer. Because ordinary hair dryer makes your hair damager.

  1. Massage therapy

If you want to release your stress, choose a hair spa salon which have massage therapy. Before doing hair spa treatment, the therapist will massage your legs and hands. So  you can really enjoy your treatment there.

  1. Location

You can try a new hair spa salon near your house or office. Because you can save your time and avoid the crazy traffic.

Salon for Men
Salon for Men

If your favourite hair spa salon’s location is far far away, call it. Ask the therapist, can he does hair spa therapy at your home? Some hair spa salon have this kind of service.

  1. Products

Are you fanatic of one brand of hair spa products? Ask the therapist first, what product that they have. Becaise you can have scalp allergy if you choose wrong hair spa product. This hair spa treatment will not cure your hair problems.

  1. Price

Choose a hair spa salon which ask for reasonable price. But you may choose expensive salon, if it gives excellent service.

Hair spa therapy is not only good for women, but also for men. A man needs special treatment to cure his dandruff, oily hair, damaged hair, or hair loss. He can enjoy scalp massage, too!

Choosing a hair spa salon for men is not easy. You have to check its facilities, therapist, price, etc. You can be shaved after doing hair spa salon. After going to a hair spa salon, you will look more handsome and dandy.

Hair Spa

How Frequent You Should Do a Hair Spa

Should I Have Hair Spa Once a Week?

Do you like hair spa therapy at salon? after doing hair spa treatment, you will be de-stress and can smile again. Because the therapist gives you scalp massage. You can smell fragrance from your hair. It is shiny and super healthy.

Are you addicted by treatments at salon? Maybe you ask yourself, should I have hair spa treatment once a week? Is it good for my hair? Yes, maybe you are afraid of having oily hair if you have too much hair spa treatment.

Hair Spa
Hair Spa

Read this before going to a hair spa salon.

  1. Hair Condition

What is your hair condition? If you have a normal and healthy hair, you can go to a hair spa salon once a month then play Because your hair is already healthy.

If you want to be relax, ask for hands and legs massage service, instead of hair spa. Or maybe you can try gold facial. Too much hair spa cream will makes your hair oily!

  1. Hair problem

What is your hair problem? Basically, there are 3 kinds of hair problem: dandruff, oilyness, and dryness. The hair spa treatment for each hair problem is different.

  1. Dandruff

If you have dandruff, your hair spa therapy will choose tea tree oil shampoo. Because it removes itchy dandruff. Your scalp will be massaged and cleaned by her. You will have a clean and healthy scalp and hair.

Hair Spa
Hair Spa

You can have hair spa therapy for dandruff at least once a month. Do not forge to use dandruff-free shampoo while you are washing your hair at home.

  1. Oily

Oily scalp and hair can reduce your confidence. Your hair looks dirtier because of naughty oil. You can wash your hair every other day with organic shampoo. Do not wash your hair everyday, because it can makes your scalp produces oil again.

For oily hair, you need a hair spa therapy at salon once a week. Do not do it too frequent, because too much hair spa cream can make your hair more oily.

  1. c. Dry and damaged hair

Do you have split ends and dry hair? Damaged hair happens because of wrong colouring process or sun light. But do not worry, you can cure your damaged hair with hair spa treatment.

Hair Spa
Hair Spa

The therapist will choose hair spa products for dry and damaged hair. No more split ends and frizzy hair. You can have super healthy and shiny hair after doing hair spa. If you do this regulary.

For dry hair, you can have hair spa therapy frequently. This treatment can be done twice a months, or even once a week, if you have spare time.

Do not forget to apply conditioner after wash your hair. You can spray moisturizer whenever you feel dryness at your hair.

If you have oily hair, you can have hair spa therapy rarely. Too much hair spa cream makes your hair too greasy. But for dry hair, you can do this therapy once a week. You will have a perfect, shiny, and healthy hair.