Types of Hair Spa

Types of Hair Spa Treatments You Can Try

Hair spa is known to be beneficial treatment for your hair. It is highly recommended to try it, if you are not used to get hair spa treatment,. You can go to hair salon or try doing it yourself at home using homemade hair spa mask and cream. Hair spa is not only for damaged or problematic hair. You can get hair spa treatment regularly to maintain its health or just to pamper your hair. Types of Hair Spa Treatments

There are various types of hair spa treatments according to your hair problems, such as:

Hair spa to treat hair fall. It is important to fix your hair fall problem because it can lead to thin hair. Get a hair spa treatment specialized to repair hair fall if you are suffering for thinning hair due to hair fall,. It usually involves the use of hair mask or cream containing omega-3 fatty acids as well as other ingredients that that promotes your hair growth more.

Types of Hair Spa
Types of Hair Spa

Hair Spa to treat problematic scalp. Every individual may have different type of scalp. Some people have dry scalp, oily scalp, or normal scalp. If you have too oily or too dry scalp, you can solve through hair spa treatment. For dry scalp hair treatment for example, your professional hair spa therapist will use particular products. It can promote oil secretion of your scalp and reduce itchiness.

Hair spa to treat colored hair. If you are one of those who like dying hair frequently, you need to pamper your hair with hair spa treatment because chemical from hair coloring or bleaching can damage your hair. This type of hair spa will help protect and filter your hair while maintaining the color.

Hair spa to treat dry, fuzzy hair. If you have problem with hair that looks dry and fuzzy instead of smooth and silky. You should try hair spa treatment because this is one of the most effective way to deep condition your hair thoroughly while giving nourishment your hair needs. It is known to be tone of the most effective ways for hair rebirth.

Types of Hair Spa Treatments
Types of Hair Spa Treatments

In this treatment, professional hair spa therapist will use particular hair products with ingredients that can help hydrate your hair and scalp.

There are many other types hair spa treatments you can try. It is highly suggested to consult first with your professional hair spa therapist to decide what kind of treatment and products that fits your hair condition.

Benefits of Hair Spa

Benefits of Hair Spa Treatments for You

Hair spa is a treatment both men and women can get. There is no limit of what gender can get this treatment. Hair spa is a great way to pamper and rejuvenate your hair. Lots of people are still unaware of the benefits of hair spa because most of them thought it is too expensive. However, it is not always the case. Aside from getting hair spa treatment in salon, you can also do it at home using homemade hair spa cream made from natural ingredients. Read https://purehairsalonspa.net/benefits-diy-hair-spa-treatment/

How is hair spa treatment good for your hair?

There are many benefits you can get from pampering your hair with hair spa treatment, such as:

Improving blood circulation. During hair spa treatment, your head including scalp will be massaged thoroughly and gently by professional hair spa therapist. This treatment allows better blood circulation. As the results, it promotes healthy hair growth. This is also a great way to promote faster hair growth.

Benefits of Hair Spa
Benefits of Hair Spa

Repairing various kind of hair damages. Your hair is quite prone to damage especially when you spend your majority of time outdoor or get your hair styled quite frequent. Pollution, sun, hair coloring, bleaching, and dirt can damage your hair in so many ways. One of the best ways to repair your hair is to get hair spa treatment because your hair will be treated with the right nourishment to promote self-repair.

Normalizing oil secretion. Every individual may have different tendency of oil secretion. Some of people have dry scalp while others have oily scalp. Regardless of your oil secretion tendency, hair spa treatment will help to normalize it. Professional hair spa therapists will decide what kind of nourishing is the best for your scalp so you will have healthier scalp and hair.

Conditioning your hair. Hair spa treatment usually involve the use of nourishing cream that can help conditions your hair deeper and better. Hair spa treatment will help hydrate your scalp and hair. As the result, your hair will be smoother, silkier, and look shiny.

Benefits of Hair Spa
Benefits of Hair Spa

Relieving stress. Your hair can also get stress due to various factors such as frequent styling, bleaching, etc. Hair spa treatment will help your scalp and hair to be more relaxed. In addition, professional hair spa therapist will massage your neck and shoulders which help you relax as well. This can help you get rid of stress as well so you can feel your mood lifted up.

what is hair spa

What is Hair Spa and How It Benefits Your Hair

Hair is one pf the most important parts of body especially because it affects your overall appearance. You don’t want to present yourself with greasy, limp hair when facing others. You want to look good with healthy, shiny hair. However, hair is also quite prone to problems such as breakage, hair fall, hair loss, split ends, dandruff, and many more. Having problematic hair can be fixed through hair spa treatment you can get from professional or do-it-yourself one. what is hair spa

What is hair spa?

Just like when you have a body spa treatment, hair spa is a treatment to rejuvenate your hair. Hair spa treatment can help you relax and leave your hair feeling softer and healthier. If you spend your daily basis outdoor, your hair will be most likely to be polluted and and dirty. Hair spa treatment will help you get rid off those dirt, pollution, as well well strengthening your hair.

what is hair spa
enjoying hair spa 

Hair spa treatment in salons usually involve several steps as follow:

Professional therapist massage your scalp with essential oils you prefer such as coconut oils, olive oils, Almond oils, etc. This massage is good for your blood circulation as well as promote your hair growth.

Professional therapist steam your hair by dipping a towel in warm water. Then, they squeeze it the excess water and wrap it around your head. This step is important to encourage essential oils to penetrate into hair follicles. Therefore, your hair get the right nourishment it deserves.

The next process is shampooing. Hair spa therapist wash your hair thoroughly with shampoo about 10 minutes after steaming your hair. They usually use lukewarm water to wash your hair.

what is hair spa
modern salon

Next step is hair-masking. Professional hair spa therapist apply hair serum-like mask to your hair until it’s completely covered. This process lasts about 20 to 30 minutes. This process is important to solve hair problems as mentioned earlier. Then, your hair is washed with mild shampoo and conditioned as well blow dried.

Benefits of hair spa treatments are many such as repairing your damaged hair due to pollution or mistreatment, relieving stress, removing impurities manifested inside the follicles and pores, hydrating your hair, restoring vital oils, moisturizing the roots of your hair, increasing cell metabolism, improving blood circulation, promoting healthier scalp, strengthening your strands, and many more. You can pamper your hair through a hair spa treatment one or twice a month.

Hair Spa Salon for Teenager

Hair Spa Salon for Teenager

Do You Seek for Hair Spa Salon for Teenager? Read This Article

Having a teenage daughter is a bless. She can be your best friend. You can shop with her at the Mall every week end.

What if you are really busy with your job, then she feels that you ignore her? If you want to have better relationship with her, you can ask her to go to a salon together. You can have hair spa therapy to release stress, and she can choose another treatment.

Hair Spa Salon for Teenager
Hair Spa Salon for Teenager

A teenager can have a hair spa treatment like you. Maybe she has damaged hair because of coloring process. Or she has itchy dandruff that makes her unconfident.

But before choosing a hair spa salon, you have to check this:

  1. Facilities

What kind of facilities that the hair spa salon has? Look at its website. Do they have a good quality of steam machine? They soud have cold wind hair dryer, because it does not damage your hair.

  1. Treatment

What kind of treatments that a salon have? If your teenage daughter has acne or freckless, she can do facial treatment before hair spa therapy.

Hair Spa Salon for Teenager
Hair Spa Salon for Teenager

Ask the therapist, what kind of facial product that they have. It is better to apply natural and organic facial product.

Your daughter will have beautiful nails after doing manicure and padicure.

Choose a hair spa salon which gives various kind of treatment.

  1. Ladies only

If you want more privacy, seek for ladies only hair spa salon. The therapists and customers are female. You are not afraid of naughty sidelong glance from male’s customer at your bare shoulder. Your daughter will enjoy the therapy.

  1. Clean

Choose a clean hair spa salon. Before doing the hair spa treatment, look at its floor. Is there any junk or hair? You can cancel your reservation if the hair spa salon is dirty. Can you trust its services if the therapists can not keep its hygienity?

  1. Service

Do the salon has extra service like chips for playing at situs poker online? When you have a hair spa therapy, you will have scalp massage. It is better to choose salon which give shoulder, hands, and legs massage.

Some salons give bonus for their loyal customer. For example, the therapist is giving hair serum after a customer is doing hair spa treatment.

Hair Spa Salon for Teenager
Hair Spa Salon for Teenager
  1. Price

Choose a hair spa salon which give reasonable price. But be careful, sometimes you can pay them cheaply because they have newbie therapist. Then, you do not enjoy your hair spa session.

You can look for another hair spa salon. If its service is excellent, it’s OK to pay more.

When you ask your daughter to go to a salon, seek for her hair problem first. Then you can ask the therapist for the solution and perfect hair spa product for her.

Having hair spa treatment with your daughter is the best relaxing time. You can attach your family relationship with her. And you will have healthy and shiny hair. Call your hair spa therapist and book for this week end. Enjoy your family time at salon.

Hair Spa for Oily Hair

Benefits of Hair Spa for Oily Hair

Perfect Hair Spa Treatment for Oily Hair

Do you hate your oily hair? Having oily hair makes your hair looks dirtier and greasier. You feel difficult to create hairstyle, because your hair is too oily. Your hat and helmet will absorb the oil and they will be dirty. The worst effect of having oily hair is you will get acne at scalp because it is too dirty and oily.

Hair Spa for Oily Hair
Hair Spa for Oily Hair

Having oily hair does not mean that you have to avoid hair spa therapy. Because hair spa is a great therapy for every kind of hair.

There are benefits of hair spa for oily hair:

  1. Healthy hair

Hair spa cream is moisturing your hair. Your damaged hair will be healthy and shiny. But what about oily hair?

Hair spa therapy is good for oily hair and reduce the oil at scalp, if you choose the right kind of cream. Do not choose hair spa cream which contains coconut oil or avocado extract. Because it will make your hair too oily.

You will get shiny and healthy hair after hair spa therapy if you choose hair spa cream for oily hair. Ask your hair spa therapist before the treatment.

  1. Relaxing

Massage process at your scalp and shoulder makes you relax and happy. This massage makes blood circulation at scalp works better.

  1. Cleaning

Having oily hair makes your hair dirty easily. When you have hair spa therapy, the therapist will clean your scalp and hair carefully.

Hair Spa for Oily Hair
Hair Spa for Oily Hair

These are tricks of having hair spa therapy for oily hair:

  1. Tea tree oil

Choose hair spa cream which contains tea tree oil. This kind of cream does not make your hair too oily. It gives nutrients into your scalp and hair and you will get shiny hair.

If you do hair spa therapy at home, you can make a special mixture of oil. Take two spoonful of tea tree oil and olive oil, give some drops of vitamin E. Mix them and apply into your hair and scalp. After hair massaging, you will feel relax and happy.

  1. Lemon

Lemon helps you to reduce oil at scalp and hair. Ask your hair spa therapist for hair spa cream that contains lemon extract. You will have healthy hair after hair spa therapy without worrying of your oily hair.

  1. Avoid sillicone

Do not buy hair spa products that contains sillicone. It will makes your hair too oily. Sillicone is the best treatment for dry and damaged hair, not for oily hair.

before and after Hair Spa for Oily Hair
before and after Hair Spa for Oily Hair

Before doing hair spa therapy at salon, ask the therapist carefully. So she will take the best hair spa cream for you. Select a sillicone free hair spa cream and get a super healthy hair.

You can not avoid hair spa therapy when you have oily hair. Hair spa therapist will clean your hair and scalp carefully. Do you like clean and healthy hair?

Choose hair spa cream for oily hair, such as cream that cointains tea tree oil or lemon extract. Get a wonderful hair with hair spa and enjoy playing poker at